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Just back from trip to Holland over Xmas.
15 KM from our destination the ABS and EPS warning lights came on.
As break system warning did not follow, we continued our journey and arrived safely at destination, although driver did notice that there was a significant difference in handling.

Luckily we arrived on Sat 20th Dec, so were able to take the Kuga into local Ford dealership on the Monday morning. They kept it in and called later to advise faulty sensor on rear drivers side wheel was the cause. Emergency replacement was ordered and we got it back on Xmas eve.

Do not know the cause of the sensor failure. We will pop it into our local dealer next week for double checks, but have to say that the service from Ford in Holland was fantastic, they said that if they had not been able to get a new part on order, they would have taken one from showroom model.

This was second long distance drive since purchase in August, all in all a fantastically comfortable drive for all, missus still ducks under the barriers on entering / exiting the eurotunnel train though (meets the under 1.85 mtr limit for cars but does skin the aerial)

Cheers, and a Happy New Year in your Kugas ;O)
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