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It all looks the Business Vini, You will have to spend a lot of time in there to get your money's worth mate.

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It will be the BEST sound system in the world. (y)
Umm鈥 it鈥檒l be ok, I guess 馃槀

Small tweak today. Would never normally touch Vibe kit, but fancied a smaller Class D Amp for my Sub to replace my really old 鈥榗heap鈥 amp. Figured new 鈥榗heap鈥 tech vs 20 year old 鈥榗heap tech鈥 would be a worthwhile trade off, in terms of size and heat!
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Ditched the Vibe. Trimmed the heatsink on my original Amp, and put that back in.

That Vibe was weak!

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