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Well with almost a year with the Kuga and no real change of driving I am at around 15,000 miles which I have been thinking for a while is a little high.

My trip computer hasn't been reset sincs I had the car so the final two digits match what the the overall mileage of the car is, for example 15195main, 395trip.

I noticed this morning that the main miles were changing as the trip hit the xx.8 and then for no reason a few miles on the main miles were changing on the xx.6, then on the xx.8 and finally settled on the xx.5 - if that makes sense...

I have the 18" wheels on my car and wondered if this seems right? How accurate are the trip vs main miles and would they stay in sync?

I have a Garmin forerunner pooter thing that uses GPS, so the next step would be to map a journey on that (in bike mode) and see if it agrees with the car.

Just wondering where I haev been to go 15,000miles in 11months....

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