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Hello All you Kuga nuts.
We have decided to to drag the caravan to Scotland in September.
I have sorted out several sites so the big cat will have a bit of work to do.
We will be leaving South Yorkshire and travelling up to near Carlisle for three nights before continuing on to Oban.
She is allowed a weeks rest (and a bit of sight seeing) before lugging the lump across to Perth ( or should that be Puuurrrth).
The return will be down the east coast via Edinburgh and Berwick-upon-Tweed.
Doe's any one know if the little harbour side fish resturant" The Cuckoo Wrasse" at Dunbar is still there. Superb food.
I am looking forward to a great towing experience and of course the joy's of delightful Scotland.
The weather will be good as we all know cats do not like water.
Bye for now, will report any interesting news upon my return.
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