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2015 TDCi 150 Zetec with all optional extras
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I always thought the factory ones looked daft for a factory fit.
Automotive tire Automotive exhaust Automotive lighting Muffler Rim

A few weeks ago I got round to ordering a pair of tail pipe embellishers for SWMBOs motor, they arrived this morning so I fitted them.
Automotive lighting Fluid Automotive exhaust Bottle Bumper

I opted for rounded 90° cut ID 51mm OD 89mm (1cm larger than factory).
Drinkware Automotive tire Tableware Camera lens Camera accessory

Overall length is 17cm, I fitted them 1.5cm further back than the factory ones.
I did not fit them 1.5cm further back under the vehicle.
I fitted them 1.5cm further back so they protruded out 1.5cm further.
Vehicle Wheel Car Tire Automotive tire

Good quality 32TPI hacksaw blade cut through the tail pipe easily. Took more strokes but cut smoothly, without snagging or jolting the tailpipe.
I bought them from here.
Have bought from seller several times, reliable and well packaged.


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