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Whilst using a Ford dealer nearer to me a couple of years ago I was a little concerned at their method of selling so contacted TC Harrison and was very impressed at the response I received from them, and the advice given to me was extremely helpful, even though they new I was not purchasing from them.
Needless to say as I am now looking to purchase my next car my first port of call was TC Harrison.
I cannot fault the politeness of the staff and the excellence of the showroom, and after deciding what I wanted the final cost involved. I am however a little concerned at the lack of knowledge of the product and of Fords finances etc. Up to now I have had to clarify several things the sales were unaware of or did not know the answer to.
But saying that they are very nice people and as long as everything else runs smoothly would recommend them.
I will certainly post again when the transaction is complete.
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