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Has anyone else on here had a letter from their dealer or Ford informing them that there is a Product Recall on SOME sump plugs?????

I was speaking to Ford Customer Relations today - concerning my carpets ( see other posts) & was asked why I had not taken my Kuga back to have the sump plug replaced?

Apparently SOME engines have been fitted with the wrong sump plugs - Oh what a surprise mine is one of them. ALL customers who have this "faulty" sump plug have been advised via their dealer of this problem!!!!! & yes suprise number 2, my dealer has NOT contacted me!!!

As far as I am aware the sump plug recall was issued on 28th Nov 2008. & concerns my type of engine! all I know about my engine is it is the 2.0L 16v TDCi (136ps), Diesel, 4x4 - found that on my Log book.

THERE IS NO PANIC here people, just the sump plug leaks, so burns more oil, & can cause excess fumes!!! This might explain the other postings on here about fumes in car!

If you are concerned, the only thing I can suggest is contact Ford Customer Relations 0845 841 1111, quote your Reg & they will advise you as to weather yours is a recall

Another black mark for Ford from me
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