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Possibly a little early to be really solid in my opinion, (Iv'e only had the car since Oct. last year) but in terms of customer care, friendly approach & a FREEBY(!), they have my positive vote.

1. Did a small job to re attach/align the rear silver lower bumper trim following being reversed into by a towbar equipped Transit van. Even supplied the couple of retaining clips & fixed/straightened the weedy metal bracket - no charge.

2. Have dropped me back home each time (2) it was in for warranty work.

3. Offered me a free loan car for a v.small warranty job.

4. Always friendly contact with the Service Reception team

5. Sent a technician with me to the car so that I could point out an under bonnet issue to ensure the correct part could be ordered.

This all on a new Kuga they didn't get an opportunity to quote for, let alone supply! My only negative comment would be their failure to date, to fix an intermittent, (but unimportant to me) fault with the TPS system.

So far, very happy to recommend.

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