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Hi. Recently my 2014 kuga titanium suffered a complete blackout.

Called AA out. Got car started but said there is a constant drain on the battery.

After AA repair centre having the car for 2 days, doing absolutely nothing, I was informed it was a software update was needed and it was a dealer issue. So took car next door but 1 to Evans Halshaw Ford

Ford dealer had the car for another 3 days. Did 3 updates and fitted new battery.

Just shy of £400 thank you very much!

Picked car up, wife drove it home and said the digital speedo was no longer on the dash.

Took it straight back. Ford dealer had the cheek to ask me if it was on before as he didn't think this model had a digital speedo. He was even going to check a 16 plate on the forecourt!

Took it into workshop and 5 minutes later it had the digital speedo back on.

The mileage is 75000.

Since the update, the dash is displaying ENGINE SERVICE NOW with the engine management light lit up

I have it serviced every 12 months at Ford.

The car only had 6k on the clock when I purchased it so the service intervals are messed up.

Its not due a service and MOT until end of November.

But with the software update, does the car think its due at 75k?

Now, the car is losing acceleration. It will get upto the speed limit on the motorway but nowhere near how it was.

Is this a kind of limp mode due to the warning light?

And if I got the dealer to reset the warning light would this resolve the problem?

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Engine Service Now is a fault indication, nothing to do with actual service intervals.

Sounds like they've made a bit od a pigs ear of it?.

Evans Halshaw aren't the best imho..
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