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I had an issue with my 15 plate 2.0 AWD when the indicators started flashing quickly I thought was down to a faulty bulb but they worked when I locked/unlocked the car and the hazards worked normally, then the wipers didn't sweep properly and were out of sync and jammed against each other. Forscan showed wiper errors but nothing for the indicators
I checked all obvious connections and earth points, obviously it wasn't a bulb and changing wiper motors didn't fix it, I was on the point of going to dealer to get BCM checked.
I posted the issue here and got advice to recheck earthing, I looked on a friend's wiring diagram from t'interweb and found there is a earth connection in the nearside front wheel arch that doesn't show on the owners manual I found on Google. Once I got to it I found it wasn't even hand tight. A wipe over with emery cloth, some vaseline and a bit more torque all is well.
They don't make these cars easy to DIY and some times the 'official' manuals don't give all the information you need.
There's more, and better advice available on this forum.
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