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Hi Stotty,

Had mine a week now...done 600 miles so here goes -
Road noise - I have the 18" wheels but find the noise very dependant on surface. 90% of the time its a quiet ride.
Intrusive wind noise at motorway speeds - Not noticed this at all
Lack of knee and headroom in the back - my only concern however took the kids on the test drive and they were more than happy with the space even though it was less than the rear of my Picasso. I am 6ft 1" and yes, my hair does touch the roof...just.
Small boot space for the size of car - looks small but very useful. Will wait a while to see if anyone removes the spare and replaces with a gunk pump. The boot would be perfect then
That the gear lever is set at an awkward angle - quite like it myself but each to their own

Got to ignore the reviews and try it yourself. If you want the internal measurements I can get my tape measure out
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