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Hi, finally picked my Panther Black Zetec up yesterday after the DPF mod finally arrived. So far I am 100% impressed and I hardly got any work done today as all my colleagues wanted to have a look (shame about the ones who didn't ask and put sweaty finger prints all over my side windows!).

My following comments are based on the fact that I previously had a pre-update Mondeo Edge 2.0i Petrol and was clearly spoilt for rear space and a cavernous boot... (I had to change cars due to breaking my back a year ago and although 95% recovered, getting out of the Mondeo was proving uncomfortable so went in to trade up to a C-Max and ended up with a Kuga).

1) Noise: Considering this is my first oil burner ever I am simply amazed at how quiet it is (I pushed it to 85MPH on the A1M). Much quieter than the Mondeo was in all aspects (Road, Engine and Wind)

2) Headroom and Knee Room in back: Considering I am 6' 2" tall it is tight for me but I don't intend to sit in the back. It does restrict knee room when I am driving as the seat is fully back but I can drive one notch in to make it a bit more comfortable. It doesn't seem really any worse than most cars on the road bearing in mind that we have been spoilt with the Mondeo which really is class leading in terms of passenger space.

4) Small boot: well compared to the Mondeo, anything is small. We are off caravaning this weekend (towing with it for the first time!) and we are trying to work out how we are going to fit everything in that used to disappear into the Mondeo Boot. We'll let you know how we get on. A roof box is also worth considering but if you want to fit a roof box, at the moment you HAVE TO HAVE THE OPTIONAL ROOF RAILS. So if a Roof Box is important make sure you specify the optional FACTORY FIT Roof Rails at only £150. I am having to spend a small fortune to have the roof rails retro-fiited by the dealer.

Given this roof box restriction I have fed this back to the dealer and Ford Customer Services that they should automatically include Roof Rails and make it optional to remove them.

Finally, I am blown away by it's handling. Having a colleague with an X-trail that rolls like there is a force 10 gale in the Atlantic, I forgot I was in the Kuga and took a tight corner joining the A1M from Peterborough South a little to fast and thought I would be in trouble. The Kuga did not complain at all. Top Marks to Ford on this one!!!
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