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I'm confused by all the costs people are being charged for retro fitting the roof bars. I've just fitted a standard set ( that bolt onto the roof)to my kuga and it took 25mins each side. When you buy them they are supplied with new weather strips for the roof, the 8 bolts and of course the roof bars.
this is how to do it;

1 remove the weather strip from the back to the front. This can be difficult to get started but as you've got replacement ones it doesn't matter if you scratch it or brake it. Pull it up and forward while rocking slightly from side to side.

2 Clean the area where the weather strip was.

3 Put the new weather strip into the gulley without removing protective plastic from the back side. YOU DO NOT WANT TO STICK IT DOWN!!

4 Put one of the roof rails into the gulley making sure that the holes in the roof rail feet line up with the holes in the roof. There might be some soft sticky sealant in the holes that you need to remove first or some plugs that you will also have to remove.

5 The weather strip should be under the ends of the roof rail feet. Carefully remove the roof rail making sure not to move the weather strip and put a piece of masking tape at the end of the wearther strip to mark where the end is.

6 Remove the weather strip and remove the protective plastic. Stick the weather strip into the gulley linning up the end of the weather strip with the masking tape. Press down firmly working away from the masking tape.

7 Get some silicone sealant and put a bead about 5mm diameter around all 4 holes.

8 Place the roof rails in position and bolt them down. The holes are already have a thread in them.

9 Push on the decorative caps and remove any finger marks.

10 Repeat for the other side, unless you want to look silly!

I bought my roof rails for £195, Silicone £4, The look on the service managers face when i told him to keep his £150 labour charges--Absolutley priceless!!!
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