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There's really good news for many of the members we've previously had to turn down - we've kept on the case with insurers and have been able to negotiate a relaxation of the age & experience criteria for the club scheme.

These are the changes from the old requirements where we had them on certain models:

OLD RULES - 25+ with 12 months' experience of the car or one of similar performance.
NEW RULES - 25+ with 6 months' experience.

OLD RULES - 25+ with 24 months' experience or 30+ if only 12 months' experience.
NEW RULES - 25+ with 12 months' experience.

OLD RULES - 30+ with 12 months' experience.
NEW RULES - 28+ with 12 months' experience.

There's still some way to go but it's good that we at least have these concessions.

Remember to include us in the mix when looking around for quotes. We're still signing up 40% of quotes offered - there won't be many in the industry that can say that.

To find out how much you could save with Chris Knott please call FREE on 0800 917 2274 (or 01424 200477 - cheaper for mobiles) and quote this forum's unique code.
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