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A WORD OF WARNING for anyone currently with Quote Me Happy and looking to change mid policy for a new build car or looking at them to insure a new build car.

we've recently taken delivery of our new Kuga
but came across a huge issue getting it insured with our current insurance company Quote me happy (aka Quote us incompetent)

As the Kuga is a new build the registration number was not yet on the DVLA database so we could not search via that so their website advised to use the drop down menus to select the vehicle.

We did so and selected the the Ford Kuga Titanium 150 4x2 Diesel, Manual 1997cc Estate (the car we have bought,) clicked continue and were told the policy is now amended and your new payment structure will be £xx.xx.

I went to save a hard copy of the insurance certificate which has " the registration no and Ford Kuga Titanium 150 4x2 Diesel, Manual 1997cc Estate" written on it. (All good so far)

Then i looked at the Policy schedule to find the vehicle insured in the policy working is a Ford Kuga 1.0L Petrol Hatchback.

Now quote us incompetent are an on-line only based insurance company and when you call them they said we cant take calls for queries you need to email us but you have obviously entered the incorrect details, when i told them that the details entered were via their own drop down options. We were told you cant do that not even we can do that, wait 5 days for the Quote me happy computer system to update and possibly recognise the registration number and try again to change the details of the policy, then promptly ended the call.

So i Emailed them asking for them to change the wording on the policy to reflect the options i had selected and what was written on the insurance certificate. That I'm not too sure why, (as the customer), I am having to wait and monitor the
quote me happy website for a system update to the auto recognise feature. Then
amend the specifications (because the website has changed the information I have
input from its drop down menus).

I would have thought this is a system
administration issue, something that Quote me happy staff would need to do. And
not something that a customer would have access to.

The next day we got a reply asking to put in an email all and every detail of the person being on the insurance and the vehicle details, IE everything you need to for an insurance quote. and then they could look into my query.

Well i humoured them and replied with the details but also said all of this information is on their system already and all i need is the working of the policy to reflect what is on the certificate.

The next day i get a reply
"In response to your
email, the engine size on the email s different to what has come up on the
policy details, if any information is incorrect the policy will be invalidated,
you do need to make sure all details match your V5 document, if the system is
not bring up the car details it means we will not cover the car, this could be
due to DVLA having to update their records which can take up to 72

(Now call me stupid but i already knew this, hence the reason i contacted them to say the wording is incorrect and some reason their pop down fields are being transposed to something else)

If you already have
a 7 day cover you can either wait a few days to check if the system brings up
the details, or you can cancel, if you decide to cancel please email us after it
has been processed so that we can refund the cancellation

If there is anything
else we can assist with, then please don't hesitate to get back in touch.
I contacted them back saying this is the reason i have contacted them because their computer system is transposing information from the drop down menus into something completely different and to a vehicle style that does not exist.

The reply

"It is possible that the correct vehicle can be brought up when using the
manual entry, however this is something we cannot do, and that we discourage our
policy holders from doing,due to the possibility of errors.

To me for something they discourage (even though the notice saying it couldn't find the registration number & recommends you enter the details manually via the drop down menus) They should block this feature out especially if they know its hit and miss as to whether the information you select will be the information it will use.

Unless we are able to find the correct car by the registration plate, and if
you are unable to find the correct car using manual entry, we cannot offer cover
for the vehicle."
After a few more days their system still wouldnt recognise the registration number so i have canceled the insurance with them, They have offered to refund the cancellation fee which is the only bit of good service from them. Now i was left with 1 day to arrange insurance before the drive away insurance ran out.
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