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I get people looking at my Kuga all the time. everybody seems to like it . ( I love it) .the only other car I ever had which got such an interest was an Ford escort Mexico with two black stripes over the roof and on sides etc.
I think Ford have missed a marketing trick here, the 'Ford' badge often puts folk off wanting one and ideally all they had to do was put a 'Kuga' badge in place of the blue oval and I bet loads of interest would be generated such as .what make is that?

All the other crossovers are very similiar ifyou squint at a distance but all can be identified by the company 'badge' or logoplastered on the bonnet and boots.

So a terrific looking (Ford) Kuga would have interested parties asking who actaully makes the Kuga.

Incidentally the quality of Most Fords these days is on a par with any premium motor company you care to name.check out some of the press reports etc.
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