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Ford Kuga 2013 Titanium X
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Hi & Welcome to the forum,

Firstly, please make sure you read our Site Rules.

Secondly, it's highly recommended that you fill out your vehicle details in your signature, this will help any future discussions/enquires and save you having to type it in each time, make sure you enter your make and model, there is now 4 different MK's, 9 different trims levels and multiple petrol and diesel engines plus EV now, so don't just add 2013 Kuga as it would be of little to no use.

The following is a step by step guide below. Please read fully, the preferred placement is in the Signature box at the bottom, not the Vehicle Details section as it's restrictive due to lack of space.

Start by clicking the Coloured letter on the right of the picture at the top of the page.

Then click on Account Settings.

There's 2 places you can enter your info, either Vehicle Details or Signature.

To enter into your Signature, click on the box on the left.

Enter details in the box and click save.

The signature is the best place to add your details as there is more space to list all of your additions at the same time, although you can also add it to Vehicle Details and it will appear next to your username.


They will display as below.

Like this.

Lastly, why not introduce yourself. Tell us your interests, why you're here etc. we always like to give our new members a warm welcome.
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