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so i finally bit the bullet and ordered my new baby :D

fully tricked out awd titanium in vision - salesman said he hadn't sold a car with as many extras as mine before :) and i got what i think is an excellent price too (certainly comparable to the best deals i found from and

of course it has to be made and so will take 8-12 weeks - i have an EDD of 30th november! :(

now my salesman phoned to say they have a similar spec one already made i could have by next friday ... minus a few of the extras: deflation detection system, rear power converter and towbar with ESP.

here's my question:

can deflation detection system and rear power converter be fitted aftersales? (my dealer didn't seem to think so, but he has been wrong about a couple of other things...) does the aftersales towbar include the ESP connection (i thought i had read on here somewhere that it didn't)?

and would i miss them if i didn't have them?

considering i can't drive it until september 26th, i'm in no particular rush to get it anyway (but november 30th is a VERY long way away)


kind regards

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