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Hi, ordered my Kuga yesterday after taking a couple of months mulling over the different models in the sector. I really wanted to like the VW Tiguan but the outside looks too boring for me, inside was nice and had a quality feel but I didn't like the sloppy gear change plus once I went to look at the Kuga the interior of the VW didn't feel anything special either. Also looked at the RAV 4, that's in serious need of a refresh, which I thought looked quite dated inside. Freelander was nice but very expensive for a decent spec and I see too many on the roads, they are quite spec dependant on whether I like the exterior, X3 nice but expensive and the interior is a bit cheap in places and drab.

Anyway, back to my excitement. Ordered the 2.0tdci Titanium AWD in Frozen White, comes with the currently included appearance pack (which I wanted) and bluetooth (which I also wanted), panoramic roof (which I really want for the contrasting colour on the outside against the white body, but the added light inside will be nice too), premium navigation (wanted the rear camera plus heated seats), 18" 5 spoke alloys and detachable towbar (which the dealer advised factory fit rather than dealer fit due to the electronics being more complex than some - they are a small dealer though!).

They managed to fit into a build slot they already had scheduled for next week apparently (and change the spec to my requirements) so should be done and dusted ready for an 09 plate March registration.

Found this site a few days before making my final decisoin, great information here so thanks for that (just starting to digest the online manuals from the link posted in an earlier thread).

Cheers, Richard.
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