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I picked my new KUGA up last Wednesday and have to say that I am really pleased with all aspects of the car.I first saw a picture of this car in a Ford magazine several months ago and decided that it was what I was looking for. Probably as most of you who have already picked one up I ordered the car without having seen one and without really knowing what the colour was like -Avalon.I love the colour which is actually a mixture of blue, green and grey depending on the light at the time you are looking at it.

I've had no problems at all to report and am not aware of the problem with the exhaust that has been mentioned on other posts. The driving position is much higher than I am used to and this gives excellent all round visibility. The engine is extremely quiet (especially for a diesel) even when driving on the motorway. I've only done 300 miles so far which has been a mixture of motorway and town driving - averaging 36mpg at present and would expect that to improve as the engine beds in.

Plenty of space in the boot (I do like the split door opening feature) andI was pleased to find additional storage spaces underneath the rear passenger footwells. Also was pleasantly surprised to find an MP3 socket in the centre console.

The push button ignition takes a bit of getting used to - I keep looking for a key to switch the engine off when I park up. One disadvantage of this feature is that you have to switch the engine on to open a window. Is that right or is there something that I'm missing?

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