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2015 Kuga Titanium 2.0 TDCi
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Hi all,

Before I begin, follow this guide at your own risk. This may or may not work all your vehicle.
My vehicle is a 2015 pre-face lift with Sync 2 system. I do not know if this is possible on the facelift model using what I used. Yours may have different software etc and this guide may not work.
Please only proceed if you are confident in your abilities to revert any changes should there be any problems. Any programming always carries a risk of bricking a module.

Now to get to it. To enable the autolocking by speed, I used the following:

An ELM327 cable with HS/MS Switch
Focccus 0.8.6

The option for automatic locking is stored in the central configuration of the BCM. As you can see from the screenshot below, my adaptor is not fully compatible with Forscan which is why I used Focccus also.
If your adaptor is fully compatible, you may be able to complete this procedure solely in Forscan but this I cannot confirm as I cannot try it.

Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Parallel

Before beginning, it is best practice before doing any programming of any modules that you have a steady power supply to the car so would suggest connecting the car to a charger, should the power drop too low while programming, you run a big risk of bricking one or more modules.

Open up Focccus and it should detect your car like the following, Focccus was developed for the Focus so it will show as Ford Focus 3 as the platform, the MK2 Kuga is based on the Focus platform.

Rectangle Font Screenshot Technology Software

Press open and we'll be presented with the following screen. As we have not yet read the configuration from the car, everything will show as not set.

Rectangle Font Technology Screenshot Number

Click on read BCM and Focccus will start to read the configuration from the car. Do not be surprised if you get various error messages on the instrument cluster stating engine service now etc, this is due to Focccus interrupting the connection between the modules, we'll sort this bit out later.

Once it has got the configuration from the car, the various boxes will be filled in as below.

Product Rectangle Font Technology Screenshot

The line we are interested in is 32 - Automatic locking by speed.
Change the drop down box to Automatic Locking and press write to BCM. This will then write the change we just made back to the BCM.

Product Rectangle Font Material property Screenshot

Once this has been completed, close Focccus and fire up Forscan so that we can now clear the DTCs that have shown up. As you can see from my screenshot below, it has thrown up a number of codes in a number of modules.
Once it has finished reading, click on the yellow triangle on the left that says DTC

Font Screenshot Rectangle Software Number

When you're in the next screen, press the second yellow triangle at the bottom and you will be asked if you want to reset the DTCs for the modules. Press yes.

Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Parallel

The DTCs caused by Focccus should then all be cleared.

Azure Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot

Start up the car, drive away and the doors should lock shortly after you begin moving.

Once this has been activated, you can easily turn off and on the auto lock function by doing the following within 30 seconds to enter programming mode:

Ignition on
Press the unlock button on the drivers door 3 times
Ignition off
Press the unlock button 3 times again
Ignition on.

If you are successful, the horn will sound once.

To turn it off or on, press the unlock button and then the lock button on the drivers door. The horn will sound once for off, or twice for on.

Hopefully this helps someone!

2015 Kuga Titanium 2.0 TDCi
139 Posts
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Thanks @andspenka I couldn't remember from what year it wasn't compatible with which is why I mentioned it may not work on a facelift, thanks for the clarification. Definitely best to use forscan with a compatible adaptor.

For everyone else, Just because this method worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone. Get a good adaptor and use forscan. You will be looking for the same options but in a better program.
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