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Hi guys,

looking for some advice if possible; 2008 Kuga, started going into limp mode with dpf sensor fault codes last year. Tried regen, terraclean and dpf sensor replacement (x2) which only gave temporary resolution.

In my naivety I figured it must be dpf issue and went to an absolute cowboy of a mechanic and was sold the dream of dpf removal and delete/remap.

This seemed to fix things and the car was running great... failed it’s MOT on emissions (the dpf guy washed his hands with that one stating it had nothing to do with his work) then on way home from test centre it kept going back into limp mode/low rev but this time without warning lights or codes.

Im not sure how to move forward with this one, clearly the dpf was not the only problem but I don’t see why I’m not getting fault codes/lights...I presume it was because of the remap.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated... I’m wondering if it’s just a matter of scrapping it (as it’s technically illegal) or pay to fit a new dpf and go from there.

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