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Oh dear
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It's unlikely that you will be able to get replica non ford parts for such a new car.

If it's the colour coded back part then they are not that expensive, but you will have to buy the paint and lacquer separately and then pay someone to spay it for you, or you can do it your self (not advised if you not good at that sort of thing). I did this to Peugeot that I owned some years ago that some plonker hit whilst it was left parked and I can't remember how much the cost was in total. But it couldn't have been that expensive or I would have remembered.

But if it's the black surround around the mirror MAKE SURE YOUR SITTING DOWN when they give you the price as you might have to Purchase the complete wing mirror, glass, motor, heater and the back plate as one.

If this is the case then the man of the house is going to have to dig deep in his pockets as again being a new car its unlikely a second hand unit will be easy to get hold of.

If you can get a second hand unit it won't matter what colour Kuga it has come from. If the back plate on your wing mirror is ok you can just swap them over.
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