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Hello All,

Having a nightmare with the Reversing camera. Everything works fine except the lens of the case around the camera is cracked.

Unsure how it happened, but finally had enough as it's been getting worse and worse.

On the recent service and Mot I asked to get the camera case changed.
I was informed it is all one unit so he could order me that and get it fixed.

From Ford the camera was £283.00 plus VAT.

There is no way I can justify that spend.
So I ask the community... is there anywhere out there I can buy a lens cap protector. (unsure of the name)
And cut with a little saw the old one off. Then replace with a little plastic dome (where to purchase I have no idea).
Glue that on and then it will be fixed.

Will get some photos tomorrow of the lens cover. As I am sure my explanation is probably awful.

Thanks in advance for any help.

All the best.

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