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I was thinking, there arelots of threads on here where the discussion ends in a suggestion about what we'd like or not like to see on the Kuga Mark 2. I thought it would be a good idea to keep some of them together so that if Ford's people are looking for help, they can come here first.....
You could also add what you would be prepared to pay if it were to be offered as an optional extra.

My starters for 10would be

LED rear Lights and indicators - £150

Air conditioned centre box - £50

Bigger boot / 7 seats- £3000

Bigger sun glasses holder - £50

Washer fluid warning - FOC

Tinted windows that were less dark looking out - FOC - Vauxhall managaes this trick.

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not a bad idea but Ford are famous for ignoring consumers.
the 7 seater with a bigger boot is a non starter ( cost etc + U can buy an S-max)

Led rear lights =good £ 100 max. ( they are very cheap to produce after all)
centre box chilled= not for me.
sun glasses holder = irrelevant for me ( not used- prefer a slot to put something in)
washer fluid warning ? =i was under impression it had that already?
tinted windows= again not for me ( not a drug dealer or 20 years old)
electric passenger seat=£150
stainless polished scuff plates for rear doors=£50
retractable load straps built in to boot=£50
electric slide out/in stainless 'step' for all doors=£200 (from sill area)

the slide out step useful not only for short legged or older /very young to assit climbing in or out but ideal for washing roof of car! saves getting steps out.

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Got my kuga 1 week ago - AWD titanium full option. Great car and I'm really loving it!
Some suggestions for a MK2:

electric passenger seat and a seat with a possibility to save personal settings would be great!

Automatic folding mirrors when you close the car. Or is this just a question of programmation/setup?

Automatic shift

Change software to be able to acces 'info'menu while driving. For the moment you only see the Info icon lighten up and a message is only displayed for a couple of seconds. Only acces to the info menu while parked.

(for example... washer fluid warning only visible when in parking mode after first warning)

I-podsupport to be changed... it's loosing the shuffle-mode information when going out of ipod mode and coming back.

Would also suggest to change the angle of the 7'' touchscreen. The screen is notreadable when sunlightis reflected.(maybe only in combination with the panoramic roof?)

Washer fluid warning is already present on mine, you'll get a warning on the small display. Just once, and then you can acces it in the 'info' menu. (seeremark about accesing info menu while driving)

Did read a lot about the fuel leak... looks like they did put a warning to wait for 10sec. Did fill up a couple of times and didn't have any issue!

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