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After having owned a Ford Galaxy for the past 4yr (previously having had a Galaxy for 7yr too), due to personal circumstances, we downsized to a Ford Kuga, about 2wks ago.... Its a 2nd hand, 2011 reg, from a main dealer....

We drove the 13mile/25min back, down the roads & motorway, with no issues. We had family commitments so didnt drive it again until 2 days later. On a short trip to the supermarket, the engine management symbol came on, during our drive back. We had local drives over the weekend, where the airbag warning symbol came on. We took the car out in the week, on a 90mile round motorway trip, to visit family - on the way there, no issues, on the way back, the engine management symbol came on again. The performance was not affected, it was generally running ok, with just the 2 amber warning symbols appearing intermittently, so we thought, maybe its just a glitch. (used to have an airbag warning one flash up in a van I had, where it was the connection under the passenger seat that would work loose)

Then last weekend, I was quite un-nerved while on a drive to drop off my daughter, the engine was "running fast" when I was stopped at the lights. My partner came to drive it home, & it happened for him too - seemed to be revving unevenly when idling.

I emailed the dealer on Monday, they told me to arrange to bring it in re the engine management light.

It hasnt been convenient yet to take the car back in, as we needed it this week. My partner drove the 90miles again to visit family & it was ok on the trip over, but an engine malfunction warning triangle appeared on the way back, where the car was lacking in power at times....

Im not impressed
Well take the thing back to dealer and get fixed simple or what
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