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Kind of curious if anyone else uses a bit of chemical assistance with cleaning their Kuga's bodywork ?

I now try and use Iron Out and Tardis to clear most of the bad stuff, which speeds up the cleaning process rather than using a Clay bar. I'll switch over to the old Clay Bar when necessary on some parts, but very rarely do now, chemicals first.

However with Iron Out I tend to place this directly on the dirty car so it uses the dirt to cling on just that little longer. Photos attached and as its White, you really see the purple reaction. Amazing how much metal particles are in the air and get attached, even on the tail gate (no photo) and that's after about 1000 miles since last wash, but 6 months since last detail. Off course these chemicals get jet washed down and washed off before the next stage.

Iron Out and Tardis isn't cheap and have to buy in bulk (5 litres) when doing more than just the four wheels (or a few family cars now). wink:



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Hi mate

what your doing is fine, although Clay Barring is pretty harmless it should only need doing 1/2 times a year as you should polish after cause it will cause marking in the paint, your car is white so get away with seeing it.
best results from fallout removers are to spray a pre wash, rinse then wash get excess dirt away then spray it, for it to be more concentrated then dry the car, if all isn’t removed then I put another layer on and then rub the spots to break them down I just spray some fallout into a wet mitt for that.
i generally find tar is left so the tar remover is used following same processes as the fallout stage ok mate.
Rinse throughly and a soapy wash over should then neutralise the paint ready to dry.

hope this helps

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