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I got my new Kuga Last saturday.I managed to get a Moondust silver Zetec. stock car from the showroom with only 6 miles on the clock. it already had the appearance & convenience pack fitted along with bluetooth. So i was lucky. no 3 month wait for me. if any one is interested, there seems to be quite a few of them popping up on ebay.Also has anyne managed to get a decent price to upgrade the Ford stereo from a standard singe disc to a 6 cd model? (not the sony).
check it out. i went straight to the tint shop and had a light smoke put on the two front windows i hate to see the clear and dark contrast on the factory fitted tinting. so now it looks great and a absolute dream to drive. .

ps:does anyone know how to add pictures to posts as i would like to post a picture of mine

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