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Hi guys

i bought last wed our new ford KUGA and well pleased with it..
<ul ="summary"><li ="summary">Panther Black Metallic

<li ="summary">Airfield Partial Leather

<li ="summary">Solar Reflect Windscreen

<li ="summary">Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System with USB

<li ="summary">Bi-Xenon Headlights

<li ="summary">Floor Mats - Premium Velour Front & Rear

<li ="summary">Appearance Pack - Titanium

<li ="summary">Convenience Pack - Titanium

<li ="summary">Sony 6CD DAB ilo Sony DAB

<li ="summary">19" 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels
[/list]i will post u some pictures later...


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mouse1277 said:
quatroxquatro said:
I have 18 inch wheels and wish I had gone for the 19 inchers, they look much nicer.Super car :)
Good luck!
In my opinion it is just the other way around.
I like the design of the 18 inchers much more that the 19 inchers!!

19"ers all the way IMO.

But I will be purchasing the 18"ers due to funds.

Bigger is always better!!!!
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