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happy to be here! First of all: sorry for my poor english, I'll try to do my best to be understood

I found this Forum searching infos about my new Ford Kuga: I got delivery of my Kuga Titanium (sea grey with Titanium Pack) two weeks ago.

I really love my new car, even if I had a couple of problems: the first with the fuel hole (the filling station attendant broke the petrol pump inside my 2-kilometers-old car, because he had never seen the new ford filler and he insterted it in a wrong way...) and with the curtain on the transparent capote (a manufacturing defect, the front curtain doesn't rewrap: next tuesday they should repair it).

Anyway, apart from these little problems, I think I made the best choice buying this jewel.

P.S.: Hey, it also connects with my iPhone via bluetooth! And I can scroll the agenda with the radio panel!
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