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Had the car a few days, and LOVE it, but...

1. Auto lights - can you set them to come on sooner? I've just driven in twilight and, although some other cars' lights came on, mine didnt until long after I would have preferred.

2. Indicator - it takes quite a tuen to catch the auto-off switch. Any idea if you can increase the sensitivity?

3. Auto wipers - similarly, I had a drizzled windscreen and no action. Any ideas?

4. Auto locking - my previous cars have had auto-lock when you drive off. This doesnt seem to? Again, any ideas?

Thanks all!


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I had auto lights & wipers on my old 05 reg Mondeo and there wasn't an option to
change the sensitivity (aside from the usual turn switch on the stalk for the wiper function) and would assume it's the same on the Kuga. I do miss having
these and wish I had the budget to have put them on my K.

Similarly with the indicator I've not heard of a Ford vehicle having the option to change the
sensitivity on something like this, is that much of an issue on yours? With my K it's just a little push up or down and away they blink 3 times.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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