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Well had mine for a week now and its everything i could wish for, its panther black titanium with all the extras.

I have to say it drives really well, its drive isnot soft, and it goes into and out of the bends really well.

so far averaging 37 mpg (i expect to see that go up with time as normal for a new car)and I have done a mixture of driving from town too motorway no windnoise that i could hear when on the motorway.

In comment about the gear stick, found it to be in anexcellent position, the inside is well set out for driving and its very comfortable and looks good. The boot space, well that is up to each individualbut for us its more than enough.

The general comments from people so far is one of surprise thats its a Ford as its so well finished and just does not look like one.

Taking it to France for 2 weeks on Friday!

one very happy Kuga owner
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