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Ok nothing to get hung up about but...

I went for the 7" touchscreen navigation option. I was kind of fed up with adaptors, cables and remote GPS recievers that I was using with my iPaq running Tomtom 5. So far, so good, but I have to say that the English version of the Blaupunkt navigation software sucks in terms of the spoken instructions and the response time of the unit. The Tomtom is so much better in this respect, I miss the clear instructions and the graphical interface. OK, the Ford sytem is more integrated and has some nice touches, but it's boring to look at and confusing to use. I have been deliberately using it for routes that I know so that I get used to the system, but so far have found it lacking. Please Mr Ford, put pressure on Blaupunkt to come up with something more helpful and user freindly and better looking! And SOON! Meanwhile, I'm tempted to nick the wife's TT One and use it when I need too.

Other gripes, well the car was supposed to come with the USB and tow hook options, butwere missing. The dealer is going to fit these after the summer holiday season is over. I can use my Ipod as a line-in unit, but cannot use the car's touchscreen to navigate the ipod menus this way, or to add media hard drives etc..

I have posted another topic about the missing rear view camera, which I have now read many times was included with the touchscreen option.. so this isanother point.

Niether of these takes anything away from theKuga itselfand it's great dynamics, so I am not unhappy, just a bit disapointed with the usability of the Nav software, considering how expensive it was compared to a Tomtom!

I expect to get the Ford end-user pack in the post soon, so I will let them know then about my gripes!

Any opinions out there?

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