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Hi, when I got my car the lid on the front 12v power socket was broken.
As that car looks ace otherwise I wanted to sort this.

Thought I would post photos for others reference, for centre console strip down.
Hopefully useful to someone.
(Apologies if it is already on the site, I'll claim ignorance as a noob!)

Follow at your own risk!
I am no expert but this is what I did on my Kuga 2015.
I take no responsibility if you cause damage to your vehicle by following this guide!

Step 1 and 2, pull up the section under the arm rest, that is the dark plastic middle of this photo and it should look like second photo:

Step 3, carefully pop the centre plastic from the armrest storage box.
If you have trim removers ideal, I used a small screwdriver and a credit card, they are quite tight to pop.
(Theres maybe a better way to do this but it worked for me)

Step 4, again with trim remover, prise the trim away from hand brake:

Step 5, start in one of the top corners with trim remover, careful prise open gear stick surround:

Step 6, two screws either side of gear stick need removed, careful not to drop them in to the gaping black hole beneath them:

Step 7, just by each of the screw holes there are plastic clips.
These fix the centre console with the radio surround.
They where fairly easy to come apart when opening, but had to be more careful aligning them when putting things back together:

Step 8, a bit of a snuggle. Lift the centre part up by the armrest and move backwards:

Step 9, cable/s are quite tight, you'll need to keep it close to hand brake, but turn over and you will see two screws for the coin holder:

Step 10, screws removed and tilt out the coin holder, you can now work on the 12v socket.
I had to remove the metal centre part first, then I could remove the plastic ring around it.
Put new plastic ring and cover in, then slid metal part in place:

Reassemble by following instructions in reverse.

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That will be useful for me as I plan soon to convert my sync 1 to sync 2 and one thing that needs to be changed is the media hub in the centre console. The only way to do that properly so it looks like it's a factory fit is to change the hub which is different to sync 1. I bought a centre console which had the hub already in it as well as the wiring loom which is also different. I may just be able to replace the inner part of the console but won't know for certain until I investigate further.
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