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I just picked up my Kuga last week and ever since ordering was worried about the boot space or lack of it compared to my old Zafira - what with 2 under 5's,pushchair and2 kiddie seatsbeing a standard fit etc. Anyway it being the weekend and all, I had a good look round the car and found loads of extra space under the boot mat. I reckon if I lose the spare, and black polystyrene cubby holesand then get one of those Ford tyre repair kits(circa £50 which incidentally have their own custom made polystyrene cubby hole under the rear passenger footwell) I could release nearly another 1/3 of space. The existing boot mat looks like it's a goodfit in the hole as well...?

Has anyone elsebeen brave enough to do this -on this or any other car, and had to use the kit or similar? I'd appreciate good and bad real world experiences please.

I'd of course have the luxury of the skinny emergency spare in the garage and in my experience, it's normally whenleaving for work in the morning that flatties tend to be most prevalent!
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