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Bought my Ford Direct 1.5 Titanium X Sport from these guys.

It was a game of two halves really........

Car was well prepared and looked excellent apart from a few scratches on the roof which I will attend to in warmer weather!
The first service isnt due until July, but it was done anyway so that saves me a few pounds!

However, the salesman experience wasnt the greatest. I bought the car from a distance, about 450 miles to be precise! This meant a lot of phonecalls to/from the dealer to get the deal in place and ensure the car was ready on time as we had a long way to go to collect it.

On every occasion, the salesman was "busy" and would call me back, often 3,4,or 5 hours later.
Right up until the afternoon before we would set off at 4am the next morning to collect, we were still waiting for a call to confirm all was ready for collection. I was also promised an emailed order form, which unsurprisingly never arrived.

In the end, I got very angry and demanded to speak to the dealer principle. Amazingly, he was "busy" aswell....

After an hour, my original salesman wrang to confirm all was well for collection the next day. He was very lucky to ring when he did as I had decided if he didnt ring by 6pm he could shove the deal where the sun wouldnt shine.....
He said he had sent the order form days ago, then claimed he must have the wrong email address, even though he did manage to send the paperwork trying to sell GAP insurance, alloy wheel insurance and paint protection!

Anyway, eventually, after an 8 hour drive, we arrived at Guiseley Ford the next day at lunchtime.
The salesman was much more helpful on the day and had all the paperwork lined up and ready to go. In the original deal he had said I would get a free 1/2 tank of fuel, but he decided to brim the tank....I think that was his way of apologising for the previous patchy service.

The only other point to note was that the car was advertised as having BLIS (blind spot detection) fitted, but as we discovered about an hour after we drove away, it didnt have it!

All in all as I said, a game of two halves.....the car was well prepared and apart from the roof scratches was pretty much brand new (2500 miles on clock). It had been serviced although only 7 months old and was full of fuel.
However, the salesman experience was everything I detest about car dealers who dont care about customers once they have made the sale - slow to return calls, dont send promised paperwork and misdescribe car specification.....

I ended up dealing with Lookers as the car was exactly what I wanted, even though it was an 8 hour drive away........not sure if I would deal with them again though.....all in all Id say they were worth 7 out of 10....Edited by: kugaman1
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