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I cannot agree more - a worse waste of space and resources I have yet to stumble upon.

When I was first having issues with the car I rang them and all they said was "can't help you as we have no paperwork on your car" - and they couldn't / wouldn't tell me how to raise paperwork regarding repeated issues.

Then when I raised the rejection paperwork at the dealers they ring me and say "unless you let us try and fix it for the 5th time we can't help you".

Then when I'd told them I no longer wanted to deal with them because they were hopeless they again called me and tried to say they "were doing all they could" - I did at that point tell them to go away and not bother me again, and the guy got pretty shirty.

Then finally they call to say the case has been passed to the Ford Executive Office, and that they have done their very best for me (read nothing) and there was nothing further they could do (nothing + nothing = nothing anyway?!).

If it wasn't for that fact I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down at the moment I would probably have used a few expletives at this point, but I thanked him for everything he had done (do they get irony / sarcasm there I am not so sure) and hung up on him.

Basically they are a call centre without anyremit to actually do anything - to be honest I think it's only worthcalling them if your dealer is beinguncooperative - even then only as a last resort. I just concentrated on being a pain to the dealers (in a calm collected way mostly of course) and finally got the resolution I wanted - picking up the brand new Kuga on Saturday! I've now driven most of what Ford has to offer over the last 3 months - oh and a couple of Kugas in between!!
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