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Fantastic first month and loving every minute of my kuga during the first 1000. Average fuel during this time is 37 mpg and is improving all the time. Managed a pleasure trip to the Cotswold's along the fosse @ 42 mpg keeping to speed limits, tail wind and air-con off. I find it a very relaxing drive for me and the family with plenty of room for the toddlers seat in the back and the pushchair in the boot.
I've only seen one other kuga on the road which was the dealers demo, which I took for a test drive. I'm just getting use to people staring and coming up to have a look at her. Still I'm down to London on Saturday so perhaps I might see another along the M40.

I find everything so useful in the Kuga, easy to operate and all at easy reach. In fact I just sit there with cc on knowing the lights ,wipers, mobile, traffic, climate etc will all operate without me lifting a finger to the environment I want. Like others I also have the Sony 6 disc mp3 player, which is not a Dab unit. But I find I have more than enough entertainment for any journey, all in fantastic sound quality. I did order the USB, but like others it was not fitted, perhaps at a later date. The climate control on these car's is brilliant, just set the temp you want and flick it on auto job done. I also opted for the panoramic roof and so glad I did. Lets so much light in when you want it. Keeps the kids happy too.

I've never washed and cleaned a car before with a great big smile on my face.

Perfect (apart from no locking fuel cap)

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