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My daughter has a MK3 ST Line X 2.0ltr Eco Blue Mhev and has been having some issues with it from new. It is only 6 months old with less than 3000mls on it.
It has already been back to the dealers for a Crankshaft pulley assembly and a new Battery as both of these have failed.
It makes a loud knocking noise on start up and when the AA came out to it for the battery issue, it was noted the top tensioner on the Aux belt had a lot of movement in it. When returned to dealer for inspection, we were informed this was within spec. Has anyone had the same issues?
Also on start up from cold this morning I was informed that it was running really rough and some kind of warning had flashed up briefly, but was unable to see what it said as under all the other seatbelt warnings it had displayed.
Could anyone shed some light on these issues?
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