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Had a squeaky bum moment yesterday when the Kuga lost all power while towing on the M25, not just limp mode but engine stopped. Fortunately, there was a hard shoulder I could coast on to. I’d been towing for about 150 miles when it lost power and the panel flashed, I think, something like Emergency Engine Service Now.
After a minute I tried restarting the engine but it only cranked to about 200 rpm, a couple of minutes later it started with no warning lights or messages and we did the final 20 miles to drop the caravan and another 15 to get home, with no issues at all. I ran Forscan thus morning and got three PCM faults showing, all have reset and don’t show up again when the engine runs.

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Am I right in thinking the P02FA issues are due to the engine stopping due to fuel starvation? If so is it likely to be a fuel filter or pump problem, or maybe a sensor? Has anyone had and resolved a problem like this?
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