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Hi everyone, my first time posting on here, I have a mk1 2011 kuga, that had some minor frontal damage, everything was fixed fine, but I've got problems in the following areas
1. Heated screen not working ( but switch is on constantly)
2. No washer for windscreen (but motor is good)
3. No rear wiper or wash
4. No reversing lights
Have a clicking from the passenger side fuse box when trying to use rear wiper.
I don't know if there's a relay that does wipers and washers?
I know it's a bit of a list, but all suggestions welcome. Before I take out another mortgage and go to ford garage.
Many thanks for looking

Mr. Happy
Kuga 2ltr AWD Titanium X, Midnight Sky.
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Unfortunately our mk1's have issues with dampness in the fuse box area due to floor pan seals going.
check for wet carpets in passenger well.
They also suffer from bad soldering joints.
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