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I had mine installed by ACES there web site is they look the same as the ones you are looking at but
aces are in the Uk.

Picture quailty is excellent
No distortion to sunlight
quality is great either from headrest speaker,through the radio is
quality and also the wireless headphone sound is spot on.
x2 dvd
players 1 in each headrest but they acan be conected together so if you
only have one film it can be watched on both screens at a push of a
i got them installed by them you can see my KUGA on there web site installed,look under installation ford.
are good up to about a 10 yera old but my boys have there X-Box
conected to them as i bought one of there inverters as well.

this helps you, i could of bought cheaper but waned the satisfaction of
them being in the UK and there feed back says it all,as the saying goes
you only get waht you pay for.


hope i have replied in the right place as new to forum not to sure if im replying in the right place
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