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2020 Mk3 Titainium Lucid Red 1.5Ltr Diesel
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Yesterday, during the heat of the day, I used global window opening to cool the interior before using the kuga. . All went well until I tried to close the drivers window using one touch closing only to find that it bounced back as soon as it reached the top of the window frame, - all three other windows operated correctly.

After several attempts to close the window using one touch, with no joy, I had to inch the window up bit by bit until it appeared closed. Later that evening I tried again and still the problem was present despite trying to reset it as described in the handbook. It was then I discovered that the drivers window one touch closing was also not working, but one touch opening was ok ? (All the other windows still worked correctly)

I finally solved the problem by applying light hand pressure to the top of the window glass, pushing outward, as the window was closing. This cured the bounce back fault, allowed the window to fully close and one touch opening to successfully operate again. This morning went to the car and opened and closed the drivers window several times without yesterday’s problem returning.

I can only asssume that yesterdays high temperatures had distorted the window frame slightly but enough for the bounce back safety feature to kick in. Maybe other kuga owners have had this problem, or is it just mine. 😂
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