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2011 mk1 titanium
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I have a 61 plate titanium

Ok so i got the dreaded amber engine light thrown up siting dpf which i had last year and a good clean sorted it out i did the same this year had a mobile guy come out after my attempt to spray it garnered no results trying to force a regen kept hitting 97% and failing.

Only its still not cleard the fault stating soot accumulation improper conditions for the regen with all this limp mode etc

Ive ordered a new dpf sensor and a exhaust temp sensor im pretty confident i can do the pressure sensor its the exhaust temp sensor im not sure on i have tried to find links online but it keeps throwing up videos for the dpf sensor.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some instructional videos so i can get my head around how i remove the old one and install the new one , and i guess on a side note will i be able to do it on the drive using portable ramps.

Sorry for the waffle question first time trying to have a go myself


Thanks for the advice , im still faffing around with it as yet not got the amber light cleared i do now have the new sensors in my posession just waiting for my neighbour to get home so we cannplug his laptop in , on a side note the photo i have attached can anyone enlighten me as to what it is ?

Its near the dpf just above the sub frame heading back towards the engine , is it possible for me to tidy it up as im sure it didn't leave the factory like that tried google but i havent a clue where to even start to try and figure out what it is


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You need a diagnostic doing on the car as there are numerous faults associated with the dpf and on your model it is possibly the DPF pressure sensor. You need to buy a modded ELM327 and download FORScan to establish what fault codes you have before throwing parts at it.

Also it is not a good idea to try numerous forced regenerations as on some cars it will dump excess diesel in the sump.

ELM327 link

FORScan link

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