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Hi folks.
I was leaving an underground carpark after loading the car with bags and coats and four (yep!)colleagues the other night. I started to reverse theKuga and the rear parking sensors started bleeping, but in an unusual way, sort of intermittent. I double checked I wasn't about to reverse into some hidden object, saw it was clear behind and continued to reverse out of my slot. The strange beeping continued. Then suddenly the carpark attendant who happend to be passing on a scooter stopped and jumped off and two other people started also started to wave frantically at me. I was by now a bit miffed. But when I got out of the car I saw why. The tailgate was still wide open (you don't see that when the rear view mirror is full of heads)
and was so close to the concrete roof, I was lucky not to have crunched it. The sensors were reacting to the bouncing edge of the tailgate.

So the moral of this tale is 'bleeping sensors need to be checked out'

Have a nice week!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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