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Prices going up folks...................

Here are the prices for the soonto be released 2 WD and petrol 2.5 versions as well :)

Price List
Model Year 2008.5MY
CONFIDENTIAL Effective: 1st December 2008

Zetec 5 Door 2.0TDCi 136PS AWD £20,995.00

Zetec 5 Door 2.0TDCi 136PS 2WD £18,995.00

Titanium 5 Door 2.0TDCi £22,995.00

Titanium 5 Door 2.5T 200 S5 AWD £24,295.00

Titanium 5 Door 2.5T 200 S5 AWD auto £25,495.00

5 Door 2.0TDCi 136PS 2WD £20,995.00

Get in touch if you need a complete price list including optional extras!

Would post up but dont know how to load up a PDF file on here!

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Well thats going to counter act the 2.5% VAT discount then! Gutted.

Griff, can you send me a copy mate?

Last time they increased prices, they offered £1000 deposit contribution and we could pick the Kuga up for £400 less then, so hopefully theycan offer more extrasonce again similar to that. Because last time I checked I thought we were in a recession, and by putting prices up aint really going to help them sell cars????
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