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Hoping someone can help or advise.

I recently moved to Spain (turns out wasn't my best idea right now!) anyway drove from East Sussex in my 2009 Kuga TDCi 4x4 which I have decided to keep so need to change the headlight beam direction. It doesn't have the swicth to do this so I have to change the headlights. I have been quoted €800 and up from non Ford dealers or one garage has said €250 to modify them which means taking them apart and doing something with the bar inside that determines the beam direction. So the first option is flipping expensive and the second option makes me nervous in case they mess them up and knacker the lights.

So I have found this on I did email them to ask if they would be suitable for my car and they asked for further details which I sent but then never heard back from them although they have now put further information on the listing. The link is below and I have attached a pic of my headlight and the part number details from the label on the back of the headlight. You should be able to use Google Translate to read the ebay details.

Headlight Xenon Left Ford Kuga manufactured 03.2008-2013 D1S/H7/H21W/W5W | eBay

I have had the passenger headlight out to have a look at it and get the pic of the label which is pretty easy to do and I think the headlight on eBay should just fit in like plug and play! I can’t imagine the shape would be any different and wouldn’t have thought the wiring would be. Mine are xenon, in the manual it says H7 bulbs and they have the adaptive lighting system both of which it sounds like these have. So I think they will be ok but I am just not quite confident and would really appreciate if someone could confirm this please? In case I am missing something!

I just thought this is a better way forward as then I can sell the originals and at least recoup a little bit.

Many thanks,


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