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2015 2.0Ltr 178KW EcoBoost
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Hi newbie here joined to share my experience. I too at first thought it was a battery issue as it was dying on me in about 5 days. So a new battery went in albeit the one removed was only 1.5 years old. The reason I determined at first was the battery was because I measured the battery drain when the car was put to "sleep" and the value was 20mA which is correct only minimal units are awake after a few hours. However after replacing the battery the same issue occurred so clearly there was a parasitic battery drain however my meter showed correct current draw. I decided to check on it in the early hours and I managed to catch the meter reading 1.4 Amps momentarily then falls back to 20mA this was repeating every 3 minutes or so and I could hear a faint vibration. The vibration was coming from the instruments' needle vibrating hard against the stop. It seems the instrument panel cluster (IPC) was waking up after a few hours and doing funny things. I confirmed this was the issue by pulling fuse F69 (5Amp) from passenger compartment (maybe a different fuse location in yours) and the battery remained fully charged over the next day. Mine was dropping to 12.2 from 12.6 over night - that's a lot of energy dissipated. So I went to the local Ford and asked them if they were aware of any technical service bulletins or the like for the IPC due to a battery drain but said they could not find any. The firmware update resolution I found out from another blog here: (1) Unexplained battery drain | Page 3 | Ford Kuga Owners Club Forums which described my issue almost to the letter.

So I took the risk and I made an appointment for an IPC firmware check/update as well as BMS firmware update (I read that the latest version could handle lower battery voltages albeit not directly related but might as well). When I went to pick the car the techo called me in and showed me snapshots of the diagnostic laptop for the IPC and there was in fact a question for IPC firmware update that asked; is the car experiencing battery drain, tick yes and the next step advises to update the software. It seems they were not aware of this remedy. Both IPC & BMS were updated and thus far the battery has remained at 12.6. We suspect the issue was always there but having a new battery put in and driving a fair distance everyday masked the issue until recently due to the battery aging and less use of the car.

I hope this helps.
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