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Essex_boy said:
Was reading the manual today and found out about this so called Auxiliary heater that's can be set to have you car nice and warm with frost/mist free windows ready for you when you're going to use it at a set time, like first thing in the morning.
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Well tired the dealer for information and just got the run around. 0 out 10 again for knowledge about their cars from Allen ford
Anyone had any luck with finding out if it exists or not.

We had the same issue, with our local dealer - Bath, knowing nothing about the Kuga. When we wanted to take it out for a demo, the sales guy didn't even know how to open the boot!

We finally ended up in Chippingham, Matt there knows just about all there is to know, as has been driving a demo since they 1st came out, so has found ALL the gadgets, & seems to know the answer to every question I've thrown at him
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