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If anyone has changed their wheels and has any spare 17 inch (u design) alloys for sale, could you please get back to me. The ones I need are for the Kuga Zetec and are standard fit.

I had an accident 2 days ago, where a piece of metal from the back of a lorry, went straight through my tyre and damaged my alloy....

With my alloy being unusable, this has meant I am still using the small spare wheel to drive. and I am not sure how safe this is or whether this will cause over a period of time any damage to my car,(perhaps someone could fill me in on this!)

I have tried several Ford dealers and even contacted the Ford customer service dept, only to find that they cant even give me a date for this wheel to be despatched, it has been placed on 'backorder' and I simply have to wait, for how long I don't know.

If any of you have a spare or know of a dealer locally to you that has this item (part number:1555480) in stock, please let me know..
, I am desperate!!!
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